Sport 4 Children Award

Terms and Conditions

Please make sure that you have read these Terms and Conditions before submitting your application.

The presentation of the project implies an express acceptance by any candidate of the following conditions:

  • General
    • The Award is open to all Associations, Institutions, Foundations, NGOs, Local Authorities and Social Impact Organizations based in a Member state of the European Union, UK, Switzerland, USA or Canada.
    • The implementation of the Project has no geographical limitations.
    • The eligibility period for the submission of dossiers is between 03/05/2021 and 26/10/2021.
  • Communication/Transparency
    • The description of the winner’s project will be published. By applying, you accept the reasonable use in all media of the name, activity and characteristics of your organization and all communications that the Boustany Foundation would like to make in connection with the selected project.
    • The winning candidate will be promoted during the Award Ceremony and on the Boustany Foundation website.
    • By accepting the prize, the winner agrees to display their Award on their website, premises and other appropriate marketing, administrative and promotional materials.
    • Acknowledgement of the financing of the project selected by the Boustany Foundation must appear in the winner’s annual report and accounts, and in all communications made by the successful candidate on the project funded by the Boustany Foundation, unless otherwise agreed.
    • You agree that we will communicate together, by associating the names of the successful candidate and of the Boustany Foundation as the recipient of the prize on any media which will be defined by mutual prior agreement in writing. The winning candidate grants the Boustany Foundation the right to mention in all media his contribution to the selected project, the contact details of the winning candidate as well as the description of the project.
    • In general, the winning candidate will expressly refrain from using the name of the Boustany Foundation and any reference to the latter in any way whatsoever before having obtained the prior written consent of the latter.
    • Any agreement given by the Boustany Foundation to a communication project by the winning candidate of any nature whatsoever referring to his name or other distinctive signs, is valid only for the object in question and for the duration of the event, agreement as indicated by the Boustany Foundation.
    • All documents and exchanges of any kind with the Boustany Foundation must be in French or English.
  • Use of the Award
    • The winner undertakes to allocate the funds received (Award) from the Boustany Foundation to the exclusive financing of the selected project without being able to use these funds in any other way and in particular to reimburse any expenses incurred by the winning candidate before the date of validation of the project.
    • In this context, the winning candidate undertakes to send the Boustany Foundation a precise progress report of the project each time the latter requests it, providing all relevant supporting documents.
    • The amount of the funding given to the winner will be determined by the cost projections for the project submitted by the winning application. The Boustany Foundation reserves the right to pay out the funding in up to three separate payments over the course of the project’s development to completion. These three payments may, at the Boustany Foundation’s discretion, be issued in line with the project’s evolving expenses. Cost proposals for the project should work to a guideline cap of 50.000 Euros.
    • The Boustany Foundation may make, if it considers it useful by itself or by any representative of its choice, all requests for additional documents and / or site visits allowing it to get a precise idea of the state of progress of the project whenever it deems it useful.
    • The winning candidate must be able to provide the Boustany Foundation with all supporting documents for the use of funds received throughout the duration of the project and again for a period of FOUR (4) years from the end of the project.

      In the event that the selected project should not see the light of day, the winning candidate must immediately inform and provide full explanations to the Boustany Foundation and must return, at the Foundation’s first request, the funds received by him from the latter. The same will apply if the project should be delayed for more than 12 months compared to the initially validated schedule.
    • The project must start within twelve months of the date of the Award Ceremony (unless otherwise agreed by the Boustany Foundation in writing).
    • In carrying out the project, the winner will comply with all applicable laws, regulations and rules and will not infringe, violate, will not misappropriate the rights of intellectual property, confidentiality or publicity of any third party, it releases the Boustany Foundation of all responsibilities in this regard.
    • The Foundation’s responsibility for the project is limited to the payment of the Award, which the winning candidate expressly acknowledges.
    • Return of the Award

      Apart from the cases mentioned above, the winning candidate must immediately return to the Boustany Foundation, if it so wishes, the funds paid by it in the following cases:

      • If the winning candidate should, by his actions, behaviour, statements or in any other way damage the reputation and brand image and / or harm the Boustany Foundation.

      • If the winning candidate was in a situation (legal, financial, accounting, etc) making it impossible or at the very least exceedingly difficult to carry out the project and its outcome.
  • Decision Making
  • Decisions are made by the Boustany Foundation internal committee. All the proposals are carefully considered, and the Boustany Foundation undertakes that everyone is treated equally and fairly.

    • Successful applications
      If you are nominated to receive the Award, the Boustany Foundation Team will contact you with all the information needed to get started.
    • Unsuccessful applications and complaints.
      Unsuccessful proposals will be informed by email. We do not accept appeals against the rejection of a proposal.
  • Reporting
  • The winning organization will maintain complete and accurate accounting records and copies of any reports submitted to the Boustany Foundation relating to the project. You will retain such records and reports for 4 years after the Award amount has been fully spent. At the Foundation’s request, the winner will make such records and reports available to enable the Boustany Foundation to monitor and evaluate how the Award has been used.

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