Sport 4 Children Award

How to apply

Please check your eligibility and read the Terms and Conditions prior to applying.

Applicants are invited to submit a formal project proposal which must include:

1 The Application Form

Download Application Form ✓ Organisation details
✓ Title and location of the project
✓ Contact details

2 The following documentation relating to the organisation:

✓ A stamped Registration Certificate
✓ A copy of the last 3 years’ financial statements
✓ Organisation structure
✓ Credentials and capability statements as summarised on the Judging criteria page

3 Details about the project:

✓ A single page executive summary of the proposed project
✓ Goals and objectives of the project
✓ Country and specific location of the project
✓ Methods and strategies to implement the project
✓ Proposed process of evaluation (KPIs) and reporting
✓ Budget projections

All documents should either be emailed to :
or posted to :
Sport 4 Children 2021 Award, Boustany Foundation,
1 Avenue des Citronniers, 98000 Monaco.

Entries must be received by 22nd October 2021.

Sport 4 Children - Fb Awards

If you would like to discuss any aspect of the Sport 4 Children 2021 Award please email us at