Sport 4 Children Award

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can apply for the Award?
  • Any legal entity such as a governmental or non-governmental organisation, educational, cultural, or academic institution, foundation or social impact organisation can apply for the Award.

  • How will payment of the award take place?
  • The amount of the funding given to the winner will be determined by the cost projections for the project submitted by the winning application. The Boustany Foundation reserves the right to pay out the funding in up to three separate payments over the course of the project’s development to completion. These three payments may, at the Boustany Foundation’s discretion, be issued in line with the project’s evolving expenses. Cost proposals for the project should work to a guideline cap of 50.000 Euros.

  • Can I use the award to finance the structural cost of my association?
  • No, the winner undertakes to allocate the funds received (Award) from the Boustany Foundation to the exclusive financing of the selected project without being able to use these funds in any other way.

  • What happens if my project exceeds 50.000 Euros?
  • We will accept projects that exceed 50.000 Euros but the Foundation will only pay up to 50.000 Euros. The excess amount will be covered by the winner’s organisation.

  • What happens if I cannot attend the ceremony in Monaco?
  • You may nominate another person to collect the Award in your place.

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